Where can I purchase? Our products are available on Amazon in the USA (who may or may not ship to your country depending on where you live). 

What are the planters made from? Our planters are individually hand crafted from a single piece of aluminum that won’t rust, crack or warp. They are then anodized or powdercoated to provide a durable protective coating that will stand the test of time. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we don't use any plastic in our planters or packaging.

Why is there no drainage hole? No hole means no mess! The leakproof design is intended to be used as a cachepot (designed to hold an already potted plant) which means you can display your plants without damaging furniture or other delicate surfaces. The plants you purchase can also stay in their growing pot for longer, reducing shock by not disturbing the plant and it’s roots.

Can I plant directly into my MODN LOVR planter? It's important not to plant directly into your planter. It is designed to hold an already potted plant and perfectly accommodates an 8” wide x 6” high nursery pot (commonly sold as a "Squat pot", "Azalea pot" or "Euro pot"). This creates a drainage reservoir at the bottom that catches excess water and protects precious surfaces while allowing the pot to drain, and keeping soil moist between watering. It also fits a wide variety of smaller pots. If using a smaller pot, we suggest raising it off the bottom with some aquarium gravel, or just simply tip out any excess liquid after watering.

How do I clean my planter? Wipe occasionally with a soft damp cloth. Gently wipe brushed metallic planters in the same direction as brushed grain. Use mild soapy water if necessary. Avoid abrasive cleaners or any product containing bleach.